Gunnar's Rimfire Handguns 

Update,  May 19, 2018

Armco Machine & Plating has ceased operating as a business (although I will still be here and wheeling and dealing:)  I will be clearing out a bunch of personally owned firearms over the next few months.  Watch for some interesting and neat guns I've been hoarding.  And the prices will be reasonable  :)  Also some reloading material and books!

Finally good news!  The Crown has announced a Stay of Proceedings!  While they were not willing to listen two years ago, I guess now they were, and have dropped all charges.  Our guns and other property are to be returned (still ongoing), and a lot of guns that were on hold can now be transferred :)

Still a few to pick up from the RCMP station  :)

 Hours of Operation - My revised drop-in/visiting hours are working well! Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00, plus Saturday 9-12 and 1-3 gives us those times to visit, and talk. It has turned out to be a highlight of my week. As before if you're traveling from out of town we can make other arrangements :)

  This Ruger Single Six Convertible dates from 1984 but is almost unfired and appears unused..  Both cylinders and manual but the box is long gone.  These now sell for $900 - this one is $650 out the door  :)

  Just in!   A lovely Beretta 22 LR Model 71-73 with the longer target barrel and one magazine.  Bluing almost perfect and so is the bore and internals.  Featuresb the outside hammer they should all have - I like being able to decock a 22 semiauto without having to dry fire it  :)  $399 - out the door - trades?  Sold, Kanwar  )

  This lovely 22 pistol is a Colt Huntsman from the fifties and therefore built beatifully.  Target grips with small chip, one magazine, internals show very little use.  $399 out the door, trades?

This Smith & Wesson Model 41 shows ery little wear but was stored for a while in a holster from the looks of it.  A teeny bit of surface corrosion in a couple areas could be touched up.  Internals wonderful, gorgeous trigger, the famous Model 41 accuracy, people who are lucky enough to own these rightfully rave about them.  Going for $1700 new now, this one's $990 out the door, and it's the long-barreled easy to shoot model.  Two factory magazines...

   Beautifully restored Ruger "flatgate" 22LR Single Six... These are extremely rare now - the first Ruger revolvers made.  This one is a 1955 issue, and has been restored, sporting custom grips.  Barrel and chambers perfect, and the action is original (that clickety-clack feels and sounds so good!)  $590 -    Sold :)

       Here is a neat older Ruger Mark 2 HB Target 22.  These are highly sought after as they are acknowledged to be the best Ruger 22 Target pistol out - still an all-steel firearm and reliable as all get-out!  One magazine, used but not abused - you could never wear one of these out!  $375 - Sold Randy