Gunnar's Rimfire Handguns 


March 23, 2019

To bring you up to date:

  Still shipping stuff..  Going forward with retirement (slowly) plans and that entails moving to a smaller house, nearing completion now - still here in Prince George - with limited shop space.  A lot of guns, especially long guns, are now gone, although I still have some to get rid of, and some ex-prohibs to re-register.  I am keeping this website going for the foreseeable future, but plan to spend more time looking after Jean :) Look for deals, still a lot of cool stuff here!  




- SIG-Sauer 1911 .22 pistol - as-new with 2 mags , manual, tools and case...  40 rounds fired, these are listing for $389 - that's about $440 with tax...$300 out the door :)

This lovely Stainless Browning Buckmark is the Camper model.  Adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front, 2 magazines, factory case and manual.  $550 new, this one is $350 out the door :)

And here is a wonderful example of the renowned Hi-Standard Sport King 22 pistol. Lavishly equipped with a spare short barrel (these are instantly changed with the push of a button), a total of 5 10 rd mags, mag loading tool, and a nice fitted case. This pistol is exceedingly accurate with either barrel, with nice tight chambers, and could also be used to chase down grice, especially with the short barrel. If only!  $690 all in!   

Now here - Brand newS&W 22A target pistol... Comes with everything, spare  mag, manual, factory box, unfired!  Hand filling grip is very comfortable, target sights, lovely trigger, rail for optics... $300  SOLD  :)

Armco Machine & Plating has ceased operating as a business (although I will still be here clearing out a bunch of personally owned firearms over the next few months).  And sometimes I'll be accepting a nice trade-in on something, so new stuff will show up  :) Watch for some interesting and neat guns.  


My drop-in/visiting hours are still Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00, plus Saturday 9-12 and 1-3. It has turned out to be a highlight of my week. As before if you're traveling from out of town we can make other arrangements :)