Welcome to Gunnar's Prohibs

March 23, 2019

To bring you up to date:

  Still shipping stuff..  Going forward with retirement (slowly) plans and that entails moving to a smaller house, nearing completion now - still here in Prince George - with limited shop space.  A lot of guns, especially long guns, are now gone, although I still have some to get rid of, and some ex-prohibs to re-register.  I am keeping this website going for the foreseeable future, but plan to spend more time looking after Jean :) Look for deals, still a lot of cool stuff here!  



    This 4" barreled S&W Model 10 in 38 Special is lovely with most of the gorgeous bluing intact and the action is very slick and smooth.  Wears a nice set of Pachmayr grips that feel just right. Doesn't seem to have had a lot of use, these guns were just smooth out of the box.  Darn accurate, too!  $349, out the door!

This beauty is a 3" Airweight Chief's Special S&W Model 37 in 38 Special, and Jean's very first handgun.  She can't legally own it as it's too new, and doesn't fit in under her 12(7) licence.  In factory nickel - just gorgeous, I bought it for her new in '78, forty years ago, and it's been mostly stored ever since. It comes with original box and papers.  I can't put my hands on the original  (round butt) teensy grips right now, but the  Pachmayrs feel so much better.... $500 - out the door! This Smith & Wesson model 586 is the famous L-frame 357 (and 38 Special of course) and one I totally forgot I had until I recovered a few more from the police station!  Totally original and barely fired from the looks of the internals, this is truly a Classic!  Would be a shame to screw a longer barrel on it, so I'm selling as a Prohib.  $400 - out the door :) Sold, Dario  :)

This excellent French-made MAB Model R is the rare military version with a lanyard ring and outside hammer.  In .32 (7.65 ACP) like the much more common civilian version, this was considered quite adequate by the (European) armies of the day...  In great shape with a small crack in the right grip as shown.  $100 out the door.

My favourite revolvers are still the K frames I was used to.  Years ago, I took the 4" Model 19 I really liked and totally customized it for IDPA (think IPSC for carry guns)! Rounded butt, smoothed and contoured target trigger, skeletonized and lightly bobbed hammer, cylinder recessed for moon clips (10 included) plus it still loads separate rounds, (or from a speedloader!)  This little revolver proved to be incredibly accurate, especially after the mods, and really feels great with +P .38 specials.  Magnums as well but they're so loud!  Trigger pull light but not too light, and double action is super slick and smooth. I contoured the trigger, as well as the cylinder release for ease of reloading, and skeletonized the hammer..  This true custom has less than 2000 rounds through it, a lot of them soft target loads.   $500 - out the door! and trades welcome  :)...This would be perfect for IDPA :)  Sold, Barry C


  A wonderful "shooter", this 9mm Luger S/42 is a rework by the Russians as designated by the stamp by the serial number.  Not a collector gun but numbers match.  Decent trigger, very shootable bore, Mec-Gar magazine - way better than the originals - grips worn, and chipped by the safety. 

Awaiting re-registration :)

  Armco Machine & Plating has ceased operating as a business (although I will still be here clearing out a bunch of personally owned firearms over the next few months).  And sometimes I'll be accepting a nice trade-in on something, so new stuff will show up  :) Watch for some interesting and neat guns.  

My drop-in/visiting hours are still Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00, plus Saturday 9-12 and 1-3. It has turned out to be a highlight of my week. As before if you're traveling from out of town we can make other arrangements :)