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April 14, 2019

To bring you up to date:

 Four more guns shipped out :)   New house almost complete now - still here in Prince George - with more limited shop space.  A lot of guns, especially long guns, are now gone, although I still have some to get rid of, and some ex-prohibs to re-register and sell (with longer barrels). S&W's, Lugers.. I am keeping this website going for the foreseeable future, gotta have something to do!  Look for deals, still a lot of cool stuff here!  




2011 Stuff:

These brand new STI wide body magazine wells are machined aluminum and black anodized.  Well over $100 retail - now $60 out the door!

  This one is a new .45 STI 2011 mag, (126mmm, carry-sized) hicap blocked to 10.  No longer available in Canada, $100 - all in! 

  A pair of the justly-famous SVI 2011 45 mags, 126mm (carry-sized), blocked to 10 rounds.  These are like what Jean and I used for competition over 25 years and one of those guns saw over 130,000 rounds before we rebarreled it  :)  These are now selling new for $175 Canadian  - and well worth it!  $100 each - no  tax!  These can be taken apart for cleaning, too!

Safariland's top of the line Speed Loader - the Comp III is spring-loaded to guarantee fast dependable reloading of your 38/357 L frame S&W revolver.  I am now out of the game so these are for sale - $20 each out the door :) 

    These Safariland 009 holsters (this one's right hand) are still very  competitive in IPSC Open Division.  Fast and secure and replacement cost is now Over $200 US.  Good as new - $60 out the door :)

A like-new Glock 45 (G21) magazine  - $35 out the door!   

Ever have a case rupture with your 1911?  Play around a bit with hot loads?  I do, and devised these .020" tempered stainless grip plates.  They fit under your stock grips and could save your hands.  Even feel better than standard grips - that tiny bit of extra width feels so good!  $20  mailed to you.

The Dillon sizing die for the 357SIG comes in two versions - steel and carbide.  No need to tell you what's better!  Over $100 retail, this new  Carbide unit is $50.   The steel dies in your set are OK, but easy to scratch, plus they need a lot more pressure on the lever :(   The carbide ones (I still lube the cases, with Dillon's spray lube) are effortless to use, and there's way less stress on the case - and they last forever...

  Shoot a 45 Colt?  These 45 ACP Auto-rim cases (50 of them) have had the rims cut down to 45 Colt thickness to work perfectly in your six-shooter. Look once-fired and should last a lifetime with target loads.   Also a box of 25 45 Colt once-fired Hornady cases. All told $20 out the door! I used to use cut-down cases for ease of speedloading and faster, more reliable ejection of empties during competition, mostly in 38Special and 44 Magnum.  A side benefit is that you use less powder, so less recoil  :) 

I've unearthed a few CZ parts - now selling them at a substantial discount :)

The LPA adjustable rear sight has long been the go-to accuracy enhancement for the CZ75 9mm pistol, letting you take advantage of its inherent good accuracy.  Drop-in and uses the existing front sight. $60...   Sold  :)


And Smith&Wesson pieces:

These BMT Mooners are soo slick!  Load rounds into moon clips in a flash with a twist of your wrist!  And unload them even faster. No need to carry 50 moon clips to a match as we used to  :)  New these are over $100.  For the 6 shot .38/357 L frame, these are $60 out the dooor!

A brand new unopened Wolff recoil and firing pin spring set (factory strength) for the Model 4506 and all its 45ACP cousins.  $12 shipped anywhere in Canada. 

Here is a brand new unused cylinder for the S&W Model 10 in 38Special.   $150 US, here it's $100. Complete with extractor - convert your old 38 S&W to 38 Special!  Sold  :) 


And, of course, 1911 stuff:

These are used Hogue checkered Rosewood grips for a 1911 cut for an ambi safety if used -  and also cut for a mag well - also works just as well without :)  $30 out the door :) Sold  :) 

The firing pin keeper is an often neglected part of your 1911 45that can, usually after thousands of rounds, crack, meaning it's only a few more (usually a thousand or less) rounds until it separates into two pieces and ties up the gun.  Check yours today - and keep a spare!  $20  

These Wilson Stainless match barrel bushings are the first thing I'd change in a 1911 in search of better accuracy.  Slightly larger in all dimensions, it will usually fit into a  1911 with little or no fitting and drastically improve accuracy.  $25  all in!  Sold:)  

This indeed a rare find!  An original stubby grip safety off a 1911 (not a 1911A1) used but unaltered - $40...   These were often replaced as they had a tendency to pinch the web of a shooter's hand if using high grip...

Here is a factory stock grip safety off a 1970's Colt Commander.  Factory stock, unaltered.  $20... 

This a stock wide spur hammer off a Colt 1911.  Hammer hooks etc. unaltered and show very little wear. A great find for your restoration...$60...  

These are one brand new and one lightly used STI guide rods, full length steel.  New one is  $20, used Sold

 This is an accessory rail for 1911's and really makes sense! This one is mounted with two screws that thread into the rail itself, not the very thin dust cover of the pistol.  Just drill two holes and mount it.  You can even take it off and all there is left are two small holes where they're hardly ever noticed.   Why didn't I think of this?  $30 - One left

This wonderful barrel converts your .32 caliber too-short Beretta M1935 to a restricted-only 380 just over the 105mm mark.  The stock mags even work well!  Brand-new - I'll never use it - $320 out the door! 

  These original Colt 1911 38 Super mags are 9 rounders, fitted with extended base pads, and since we're all using 10  rounders now, these are for sale.  Still make excellent IDPA or practice mags, and work very well with 9mm as well - $20 each...  some now gone but a few left...


A few years ago EAA made some "Large Frame" Witness pistols based on the CZ75 but designed to work with 45 length rounds.  These mags are for the 9mm's and tough to find today.  As-new original, these are $10 each... 

And these are for the Large Frame 45's  - $10 each  


 A 22 Magnum cylinder for the New Model 22 Single Six  - $60...  Sold! 

  Brand new Wolff recoil and firing pin spring for the Ruger P90  $8...

  This is a Ruger P85 to P90 recoil spring kit by Wolff - brand new, unopened  $8...

Hurray!  Got my Verifiers Number back!  It was phased out when I cancelled the Firearms Business Licence, and I had to reapply for a new number under my Gun Club.  Coming up - a few guns I had waiting for reverification as restricted - a couple  5" pencil-barrel Model 10 38 Special revolvers, a couple Model 39's, a Model 59, and more...

 Armco Machine & Plating has ceased operating as a business (although I will still be here clearing out a bunch of personally owned firearms and gear over the next few months).  And sometimes I'll be accepting a nice trade-in on something, so new stuff will show up  :) Watch for some interesting and neat stuff...  

My drop-in/visiting hours are still Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00, plus Saturday 9-12 and 1-3. It has turned out to be a highlight of my week. As before if you're traveling from out of town we can make other arrangements :)