Neat  Stuff

Update,  October 15, 2018

 For your heavy-duty rifles - 4 boxes of 50 Hornady .375 300 grain #3720 RN SP - $40/box.  2 boxes Hornady .375 #3705 220 grainers, RN SP as well but 100 each at $50/box.  2 boxes 400 grain .416 RN Hornady #4165 at $40/50.  All new old stock.

More powder - all new in sealed 1# cans - Reloder 19,  IMR 3031, all at $40 a pound 

This is a perfect scope for your AR - a Nikon M223 scope,1-4 magnification, complete with Nikon snap-up end caps.   The adjustments are set for a 55 grain bullet in 223, my go-to AR round.  Lightly used - $250, out the door! 

Here is a like-new Bladetech Dropped/Offset holster for the CZ Shadow, right hand.  This won't work for me since I'm shooting left-handed...Can't find these any more, all there is are the highride carry type.  Close to $100 new, now $50, no tax.

This drop-in recoil compensator for the CZ858/VZ rifles in .223 is the AGW Linear model and is noticeably quieter for the shooter than side and top venting brakes, while being very effective.  Installs in seconds with no tools.  $50 out the door :)

This is a new 2 port comp for the TZ (Tanfoglio/Springfield etc.) 9mm $20

This style of 1911 compensator in 9mm/.38 is very popular because of the light weight and efficiency in reducing recoil and muzzle flip, even with very hot loads.  Uses a cone instead of the bushing so just shorten your slide and thread the barrel stub.  No need to buy an expensive barrel   -  $40

This Ed Brown "Four Star" compensator is a four port one, and very effective.  Keeps your standard bushing but need a slightly longer threaded (.575x40) barrel.  $20.  In 9mm/.38 size could be easily bored out to .40 or .45..

    Here is a box of CCI large rifle magnum primers  1000 for only $50  -  no tax!

Winchester Small Rifle primers, my favourite in my AR - unopened pack of 1000, today only $40, no tax!

These beautiful CZ 75 checkered walnut grips are way nicer feeling (and looking) than the stockers.  A factory option, and over $100 list, these are new and only $60... 

A pair of the justly-famous SVI 2011 45 mags, 126mm (carry-sized), blocked to 10 rounds.  These are what Jean and I used for competition over 25 years and one of those guns saw over 130,000 rounds before we rebarreled it  :)  These are now selling new for $175 Canadian  - and well worth it!  $100 each - no  tax! This one is a new .45 STI 2011 mag, (126mmm, carry-sized) hicap blocked to 10.  No longer available in Canada, $100 - all in! 

These 9mm mags are tough to source these days - for the Norinco CZ 75 copies as well as any of the Tanfoglio CZ clones (A tight fit in real CZ's)   New old stock, original price $52 - Now $25

A few years ago EAA made some "Large Frame" Witness pistols based on the CZ75 but designed to work with 45's.  These mags are for the 9mm's and tough to find today.  As-new/original, these are $35 each... 

And these are for the Large Frame 45's  -$35 each  

And here are some brand new 40 mags for CZ and TZ pistols (sorry, no hi-cap 9mm possibilities here, those pop right out the top).  Originally well over $50, these are $20 each

 This is an accessory rail for 1911's and really makes sense! This one is mounted with two screws that thread into the rail itself, not the very thin dust cover of the pistol.  Just drill two holes and mount it.  You can even take it off and all there is left are two small holes where they're hardly ever noticed.   Why didn't I think of this?   $40

A few Ruger cylinders I've been saving ('cause you never know when you might need one!) - the first one shows a brand-new Ruger New Model Blackhawk one in 45ACP - $80. SOLD!   Next one is a .38 Special one for the 3-Screw early model  - this one is rare as they're almost always in 357 only.  The .38 Special one is easier to keep clean inside, and a tad more accurate :)  $60.  Now sold... Last is a 22 Magnum cylinder for the New Model 22 Single Six  - $60... 

  Here are some calipers I will likely never use.  First is an unknown  brand 6" dial unit graduated in inches and unused.  I found these really great for checking case lengths - very much faster to watch the sweep of the needle than trying to read numbers, especially if you're checking hundreds of them :)  I don't recall what I paid - give me $20.  The next one is one of my good ones - a Mitutoyo, again 6" dial type, I don 't think I ever used this one - new they are $150  - how about $75?   Sold  :) The last one is a digital unit from Cabelas - they want $65 plus tax and it's brand new - $50, and remember, no tax!

  Here are four S&W M&P 40 10 rd mags Now $35 each, one is brand new in box (The rest look new, too...) and these are currently retailing for $43!   Three left!

  These BMT Mooners are THE slickest tool for loading and unloading your moon clips.  Now you don't have to buy 50 -100 moon clips to compete in IPSC  Revolver - just the half dozen needed for each stage.  I have only the 44 Magnum N frame one left...   See their video!  $80 each..I don't foresee ever competing in Revolver Division again, so really can't justify keeping this...

 This $100 Bladetech DOH holster is for the S&W M&P (mine was a 9mm but fits 40's too, of course).  It is a right handed holster so no longer works for me!  Now  $40  

    These quick-detach mounts allow you to mount a compact red dot sight for close-up quick target acquisition - like when a grizzly sneaks up you!  $20 

  A nice Bladetech DOH holster (Right hand which is why I'm selling) for the GP6 STI (or Grand Power K100)  Now $40 

    These original Colt 1911 38 Super mags are 9 rounders, fitted with extended base pads, and since we're all using 10  rounders now, these are for sale.  Still make excellent IDPA or practice mags, and work very well with 9mm as well - $20 each...  some now gone but a few left...

    These guide rods vary in price but nothing over $20, even the ones with reverse plugs and springs.  Factory 5" length (and Commander-length) guide rods $2 , as are the spring plugs...Ask...

These 1911 safeties are new STI extended (Non-ambi) ones we took off and replaced with ambi ones.  Retailing at $60 - these are $20 each.  Also have a bunch of ambi ones at $20...   still a few left !!  Most of these have been fitted to a pistol, so you'll need to check safe function on your gun!

  The first one is a skeletonized 1911 one at $6, the second is an STI Carbon Fiber/Titanium one at $30  Gone!   (new ones are not titanium and  retail at $60).  The last ones - stock 1911 ones - are $2 each or 6 for $10...

1911 Extractors - I always have a spare of these in the gun bag, as a worn out or weakened one is the  most common cause of 1911 malfunctions.  First is a new 1911 9mm/38/40 one in stainless at $30  Sold  :).  Next is a new tuned/prepped Caspian 45 one at $30.    Next up is a pair of Stainless series 80 45 ones at $25 each.  The next pic is of three prepped 9mm/38/40 ones (Series 70) at $20 each.   Next is a pair of 9mm/38/40 ones for a series 80 - one blued, one stainless - $25 each.  Next up is 5 45 extractors, series 70 of course, blued and stainless - $20 each.   The next picture is of four series 70 45 extractors at $15 each.    All these are good extractors, if they were not 100%, I tossed them  :)

  1911 Hammers - all have good hooks, either factory or recut here: First pic is a stainless wide spur hammer  - $10.  Next three pics are of a blued wide spur hammer, likely off an early military 1911 - $30.  Next are three Colt Commander hammers, $15 each, $20 with strut  That one Gone  :).  Then we have some Norinco (actually pretty decent steel) ones - $5/$10...Then we have a whole bunch of Norinco 1911A1 spur type hammers - $2 each.   Next two pics are of a Colt early 1911A1 checkered hammer - $20.  A stainless strut for $5 finishes this bunch.

The first two pics show a Colt straight mainspring housing off a stainless 80's 1911 (these are plastic) - $5.  Next two pics are of an Ed Brown Polymer stippled one at $20 , next two pics - a Colt steel blued serrated one - $10.  Up next are two pics of a steel blued checkered one at $30  Now gone (: The next two - a flat checkered steel one at $30 - for a Colt Officers model. The next two pics are of a lightly curved Pachmayr checkered rubber/aluminum one - $10.  These actually feel great!  Then we have a flat Pachmayr one - $20.  Another flat serrated blued steel Colt one, complete with innards, at $15, an arched checkered blued steel one at $20  Gone !,  two pics of a very nice flat steel checkered one at $25, and finally, another flat steel serrated (Colt) one at $10

The first two pics show a 30mm Scope mount for a 1911, perfect for Aimpoints etc.  May need drilling and tapping of the frame - $50.  Next is a nice Weigand one for the Aimpoint Comp model, also needing the frame drilled and tapped, in the standard Weigand pattern.    $60.  Next up is a pair of Leupold 1" rings on a Contender base - with or without base  Now gone  :).  Next two pics - a pair of 1" rings for the narrow .22 weaver type rings - $10.  The last pic is a 1" set of Leupold rings - look like medium rise - $15.  Gone!

  These 1911 firing pin keepers commonly crack, so check yours! Always one of the items in my spares-pack.  Specify 45 or 9/38/40 (these are all the same) - list $16, now $10  

  Some of the 1911 clones come with soft firing pins which peen over at the rear, and can cause them to stick .  Not nice, although I do like shooting full-auto (intentionally)! .45 carbon-steel pins - $10 each - stainless steel - $15,  Titanium .45 $20 - only one left.  Sorry, no more 9mm/40/38 pins left...

  Tokarev parts - in this case brand new Chinese pieces. Enquire...

  STI/SVI Magazine base pads - solid machined aluminum to fit the various lengths of mags, although I see we are only importing the "standard" length 126mm mags now.  This means  you definitely need extended pads if you use a mag well (don't we all?)  Thin ones for shooting Standard Division, thick ones for Open guns - we even have a few for old style 140mm mags - $20 each for new, $10 for used... 

Hurray!  Got my Verifiers Number back!  It was phased out when I cancelled the Firearms Business Licence, and I had to reapply for a new number under my Gun Club.  Coming up - a few guns I had waiting for reverification as restricted - a couple  5" pencil-barrel Model 10 38 Special revolvers, a couple Model 39's, a Model 59, and more...


 Watch for:   Jean's STI 9x40 with dies (a complete setup for your Dillon 650) holster, and mags..


 Armco Machine & Plating has ceased operating as a business (although I will still be here clearing out a bunch of personally owned firearms and gear over the next few months).  And sometimes I'll be accepting a nice trade-in on something, so new stuff will show up  :) Watch for some interesting and neat stuff...  

My drop-in/visiting hours are still Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00, plus Saturday 9-12 and 1-3. It has turned out to be a highlight of my week. As before if you're traveling from out of town we can make other arrangements :)