Welcome to Gunnar's Long Guns


June 24, 2019

To bring you up to date:

We're still here!

New house almost complete (with the move to start any time in the next month or two) - still here in Prince George - with more limited shop space.  A lot of guns, especially long guns, are now gone, although I still have some to get rid of, and some ex-prohibs to re-register and sell (with longer barrels). S&W's, Lugers.. I am keeping this website going for the foreseeable future, gotta have something to do!  Look for deals, still a lot of cool stuff here!  



Coming - a very nice Remington 597 stainless 22 with 3 magazines - a stocker and two hi-cap "banana clips" :) 

A simply beautiful Winchester Model 12 shotgun, lovingly restored by Jim Ford..  This magnificent shotgun is now mine and I'm selling for $400 out the door!

  This is a special Savage Model 10 Heavy barrel Predator Model 243. Deadly on small game (up to whitetail deer), this rifle wears a 4-12x42 Bushnell scope and is phenomenally accurate.  Accu-trigger, few rounds, $880 out the door  :) 

This is the Mark II FVT Savage target 22 rifle that is so sought after by shooters not wishing to pay 3 to 4 four times as much for the Anschutz equivalent.   Very few rounds on it (although you'd never wear it out), and comes with replaceable front sight inserts, and an adjustment tool for the accutrigger.  MSRP in the US is $600 - this one's $400 out the door :)

This 308 Norma Magnum is a beautiful Custom Rifle using the best available components.  Husqvarna action, Norma barrel, famous Mauser internals... Bore gleaming, innards as-new, and European walnut stock with a figure to die for.  Practice with the trigger before shooting - it is phenomenal! Weaver bases. Owner has a box of factory Norma ammo and 40 unfired brass. $790 out the door :)

This rare steel-framed Browning BLR is in lovely condition, showing hardly any wear, and equipped with a Bushnell 3-9 scope (and adjustable open sights) looks and feels great.  In 243 caliber, this slim, handy rifle is just begging to go after whitetail deer and similar game. Detachable magazine makes it a LOT safer to unload - and slicker to load.  $979 out the door :)  On hold  :)

1976 Winchester Model 94 in 30-30 with a lovely bore, great wood and very nice innards, and has just had complete mechanical overhaul/check-up.  Great shooter! $749 out the door:)

Just traded in - a 240 Weatherby barreled custom Sako(Pronounced "Socko") AV.  It's a Weatherby barrel, not just the Sako barrel rechambered, too!  Rifle is refinished, bore mint, Opti-lock rings, Limb-saver - this is a shooter!  One new box of ammo, and one of empties.  $849 out the door :)


 very nice Russian SKS in 7.62x39 ...exceptionally nice bore - you need sunglasses to look at it!  No bayonet, but when did you last need one?  These are nice shooting rifles (1.5" groups at 100 meters are common) with enough power for deer, and make great general purpose guns like our old 30-30's.  Take it away for $229 - out the door!  Sold, Blaine  :)