Welcome to Gunnar's Long Guns

November 16, 2019

 To bring you up to date:


 Still here- barely! Been off and on  for the last 3 weeks with what I first figured was just a  cold - Not! I seem to be pretty well recovering now, although not quite there yet  :) Still have some guns to ship, too :) 

New house now complete (with the move pretty well completed) - still here in Prince George. We'll be using my cell number - 250-565-7605 - as we're not going to bother with the land line. 

 still have some neat long guns, and have some ex-prohibs to re-register and sell (with longer barrels). S&W's, Lugers.. I am keeping this website going for the foreseeable future, gotta have something to do!  Look for deals, still a lot of cool stuff here, including a 1913 Erfurt Luger prohib ..


This is a custom Sako AV in 240 Weatherby.  Gorgeous Walnut Sako stock, pillar and glass bedded, with a very nice recoil pad.  4-16X42 Bushnell   scope on Opti-lock rings and mounts.  The barrel is a 26" Weatherby 240 with less than 100 rounds on it, enough to certify it's incredibly accurate.  Trigger is a very crisp 2 lbs.  The perfect deer and antelope rifle (especially at long range).  Has also been proven effective on moose, with full penetration and and instant stop!  $1400 out the door! - And some ammo to get you started!

A  brand-new Mauser M18 in 7mm Remington Magnum.  NIB, unfired - $900 out the door :)

Brand new, unfired Savage Model 25 in 17 Hornet caliber.  With its thumbhole stock, this Lightweight Varminter is very comfortable to shot, and that means you shoot better. With a muzzle velocity of 3650 FPS, this is well above what a 17WSM rimfire can attain, so this one shoots flatter. With a list price of over $1000, this unfired centerfire rifle  is $900 out the door.  Sold, Aaron!

     A NIB Sako 270 WSM Grey Wolf laminate/stainless rifle, complete wih everything these come with.  A gorgeous hunting rifle with unparalled accuracy and reliability.   1600 out the door :)  

A Marlin 444 XLR in grey laminate/stainless that still looks new - barely fired -   this wonderful rifle and the caliber is steadily making a comeback, with its 240-300 grain bullets carrying a very solid punch and less recoil than a typical 45-70 loading!  $700 out the door :)  Now sold! 

A Browning X-Bolt 300WSM White Gold Medallion with a Leupold vx-3L 3.5-10 x 50 scope. Everything new in 2010 and still looks unused. Price new was $2400 before tax, but retail today is over $2600 plus tax (that's more than $2900) Comes with a Caldwell bipod and wonderfully padded sling.. Selling for $1700 out the door :)  On hold!      

 Browning Maxus 12 gauge semi auto with lightning trigger, wood stock (gorgeous) - appears new, but lightly used - Manual, etc.  This is an incredily light,well-balanced shotgun!  $1400 out the door :)..  

Lovely Browning semi auto 22 take-down rifle, used but well taken care of   - These marvelous little rifles are treasured by many youngsters (and the adults, too!  Come apart effortlessly into a handy size, and retain their accuracy. $350 out the door  :) Spoken for :) 

This lovely Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker is chambered in THE Moose and Bear caliber, 338 Win Mag!  Equipped with the innovative BOSS adjustable recoil compensator (and tuning aid) as well as a very nice 4.5-14 Nikon top of the line scope. Very few rounds on this extremely accurate rifle.  $800 out the door:) 

This almost mint Browning BAR belongs to a friend who is very very picky with his guns.  It's a Belgian rifle in 300 Winchester Magnum, steel receiver, 3 original magazines (virtually impossible to find, and quite pricy!).  Low round count on hammer forged barrel with exemplary bore.  1978 production makes it one of nicest made.  Never had a scope mounted - mount hole screws untouched.   This is a keeper!  $1400 out the door :)