Gunnar's Long Guns


 Update,  October 15, 2018

On the way! Brand new Norinco JW-2000 (outlaw) shotgun, 12 ga., 12” bbls., 3"  Magnum..

This is the perfect hunting rifle for a shooter who needs a short, handy, ambidextrous, hunting rifle....Stock shortened 1" which still works well for me, (and I'm 6' 1"), and makes it so much handier...  It's a Savage 99A in 308 with detachable magazine  and a lovely 3-9 Redfield Wide Angle scope.  Wood and metal almost pristine, and the scope is very nice.   This is really a classy rifle.  Shows low rounds, overall looks gorgeous with a great bore and innards.  $590 - trades welcome. 

Now this one I like!!  Blued steel, lovely wood, and in 30-06, arguably the most useful caliber ever.  A Savage Model 110-C Series J with the detachable mag and popular side button release. Williams open sights as well as Weaver rails and a tang safety complete the package.  All my favourites - maybe I need to keep this one...Who am I trying to kid? My hunting days are behind me. Let's say $579 -trades?  On hold, Mike  :)  

OK, here is a very very nice (Brand new in box, unfired of course) Weatherby Mark V rifle in a popular caliber. This one is the 338-378 Mark V Accumark model, and is the ultimate Elk and Grizzly rifle. This one has some serious horsepower!  $3350 list, this one goes out the door for $2050 - and trades of lesser rifles will be considered... 

A very nice Remington 760 pump in 30-06 - this is really a safe queen with a glistening bore and lovely internals.  Scope rings, one magazine and a usable if not impressive sling.  $490. - out the door  :) Note this rifle also suited to both right- and left handed shooters :)

  A Weatherby Mark V been on your bucket list for a while? No more waiting!  This Sporter Model is gorgeous, almost no sign of use, except with a magnifying glass and a strong light. Made for those of us who want a beautiful, accurate, powerful hunting rifle (in 300 Weatherby Magnum, of course!) with the ultra-strong Mark V low-lift, multi-lug bolt, but without all the gloss and glitter (and price!). Manufactured some time after 2016, according to the serial number, it wears a great set of Leupold bases and rings, ready for your scope.  40 shots fired, looks and feels like a new gun!  These are $2300 new now, this one is $1199 - out the door! I've been checking and genuine Weatherby 300 ammo is now available for  as low as $65 a box at Cabelas and some other Canadian stores

 Now getting hard to find - a lovely Savage Model 99-C Series A in 308.  Impressive bore and internals, with a new Boyd's rear stock (Pretty, as is the front), metal showing a little use, but certainly not enough to warrant rebluing. Still some case-hardening visible on lever.... One detachable magazine, Weaver bases as well as the factory adjustable open sights.   $699 trades?...And did I mention it's quite lefty-friendly?

Here is a neat AR15.  A Norinco 311, the old style, 20" barreled, carry-handle, Viet Nam War era 5.56/223 carbine.  This one has less than 50 rounds fired, almost all by me, and it proved to be extremely accurate, a 1.6" group at 100 yards off the bench with open sights.  I had intended to keep it, but my eyesight is a little worse now in my seventies and this rifle deserves better than a scope mounted up high on the carry-handle :).  As-new - Now $599 - all in  :) and trades welcome  :)  PLease note - it is a restricted firearm...

Here is an almost-new Windham Weaponry (Bushmaster to those who remember it) AR 15 CF in 223 /5.56 caliber.  This model is very lightweight, using carbon fiber construction (not the barrel and internals), and a flattop model so will mount open sights as well as the  Bushnell AR/223 DZ model 1-4 scope on a Vortex cantilevered mount presently on it.  I wish we had this available when I was competing with my AR! This rifle has had very few rounds fired, and we have available as well (a little extra) 629 Hornady 55 grain boat-tail FMJ target bullets as well as a like-new RCBS small base die set.  I got lots of powder, too, but can't sell it as it had been opened  :(  One factory 5-rounder.  $1090 all in out the door!  Trades?  Note - this is a 12(6) Restricted firearm. And trades welcome  :)...

  OK, here are some very very nice (Brand new in box, unfired of course) Weatherby Mark V rifles in popular calibers.  This one is a Mark V Deluxe 416 Weatherby chambered rifle (list $3500) and comes with 8 boxes of new ammo (list $1800), all for $3150 all in except shipping.  Sold only as a package :) The rifle you've always wanted, and enough ammo to last a lifetime!

Here is another very very nice (Brand new in box, unfired of course) Weatherby Mark V rifle in their most popular caliber. This gorgeous rifle is the 300 Weatherby Mark V Deluxe by far the most popular Weatherby over many years :) - retailing at $3350, this one is $1950 plus shipping if needed 

This is a wonderful, rare example of a 6.5x58 Portuguese Mauser in the carbine iteration.  Actually pretty decent condition for a 100 year old military rifle, with a gorgeous bore and a mis-matched bolt.  Complete, with the cleaning rod.  If wanted, you can re-form 8x57 (8mm Mauser) brass (a lot of shooters have used 6.5x55 (Swede) dies to neck-size.  $300, out the door :)

This Savage Mark 1 single shot 22 rifle is as-new and a perfect choice for that youngster in your family to learn with, safely (and very accurately:)  It is a full sized rifle, however and not a cut-down youth model...   About 100 rounds through it, this one has a 1.5-14  Bushnell scope on Leupold rings as well as custom non-slip stippling on the stock. Scope covers and the famous acc-u-trigger complete the package.  $399 out the door!

  This is a wonderful example of the famous "Nylon 66" brought out by Remington in collaboration with DuPont.  Its strong point was always its utter reliability, and it actually won events by shooting more than a hundred thousand rounds without a malfunction.  This is the "Black Diamond" model, and a bit more rare than other models. In 22LR, it is semiautomatic with a simple, efficient action - and it seemed to be impossible to break or wear out.  $590, out the door :) Own a piece of history you can really enjoy! On hold, Ken  :)

  A traditional hunting rifle, the way I like them - a new, unfired Weatherby Vanguard, lovely walnut and well-finished blued steel, and in 270 Winchester, my all-time favourite!  With very nice Talley rings and mounts - $749 all in!  Trades?

  This is a brand-new in box 257 Weatherby Mark V Deluxe.  If you haven't tried one you'll be amazed at how flat it shoots and how hard it hits. One small mark on the stock you'll need a magnifying glass to find.  $3500 list - now $2200 out the door! 

  Just in - a beautiful Ruger M77 Stainless synthetic in 223. - It was fired but I can't tell.  $690 - all in  :) On hold , Bob...

This marvellous Marlin Model 39A Golden lever action rifle works flawlessly with 22Short, Long, and Long Rifle ammo, plus it is a take-down!  Nice factory adjustable open sights, plus a Weaver rail for optics.  The famous micro-groove barrel means it's incredibly accurate, too! Very few rounds, another safe queen :)  $550  out the door!  Sold, Larry  :)

     Here is a lovely Weatherby Vanguard in blued steel/synthetic guise, in 7mm Magnum.  Comes with what's left of the first box of ammo..  Just plain lovely -  $600 all in!  On hold - Shayne  :)


     This Robinson Armament XCR-M is a 308 battle rifleyou can actually go hunting with! Yes, non-restricted!Comes with snap-up accessory open sights but is set up with Picatinny rails to mount your favourite scope as the primary sight. Comes with two factory 5rd mags as well as two 10rd LAR mags, hard case and manual.  Few rounds  -$2500 out the door :)  Let's talk trades  :)  Sold, Dana  :)


Hurray!  Got my Verifiers Number back!  It was phased out when I cancelled the Firearms Business Licence, and I had to reapply for a new number under my Gun Club.  Coming up - a few guns I had waiting for reverification as restricted - a couple  5" pencil-barrel Model 10 38 Special revolvers, a couple Model 39's, a Model 59, and more...

Watch for:   Jean's STI 9x40 with dies (a complete setup for your Dillon 650) holster, and mags..