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 Armco Machine & Plating has ceased operating as a business (although I will still be here clearing out a bunch of personally owned firearms over the next few months).  And sometimes I'll be accepting a nice trade-in on something so new stuff will show up  :) Watch for some interesting and neat guns.  

My drop-in/visiting hours are still Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00, plus Saturday 9-12 and 1-3. It has turned out to be a highlight of my week. As before if you're traveling from out of town we can make other arrangements :)

 Update,  July 18, 2018 


 Watch for:   Jean's STI 9x40 Open gun with dies and mags, (Fitted with a new barrel 1000 rds ago), and a few more I have unearthed

This is a stainless 308 M77 Mark II with a custom fluted barrel (21.5" and sure looks like a Bevan King barrel).  Ruger mounts/rings inluded, bore and innards are perfect and show limited use.  $700 - all inclusive.  On hold - Shayne :) 

  Need a brand-new elk, moose and bear rifle, ready to go?  I've been a Savage fan for years and competed in long-range shooting with a custom 6.5 x 55 Savage. This 338 Win. Savage Model 116 with a factory-installed Weaver 3-9 scope is totally new, unfired!  Stainless/synthetic for the western coastal rainforest if you're going after really BIG bears :) New, it was $949 plus tax and shipping - now $790 out the door!


Here is a neat AR15.  A Norinco 311, the old style, 20" barreled, carry-handle, Viet Nam era 5.56/223 carbine.  This one has less than 50 rounds fired, most by me, and it proved to be extremely accurate, about a 1.6" group at 100 yards off the bench with open sights.  I had intended to keep it, but my eyesight is a little worse in my seventies and I'm OK with a scope, but this rifle deserves better :).  As-new - $699 - all in  :) 

This Hatsan Escort is a cool 12 gauge combat (or bear defense) pump (that appears to be unfired) shotgun.  I guess telling the wife it was for her  birthday wasn't such a great idea :) Now $349 out the door with everything (Extra muzzle thingy, plus the one for blowing doorknobs off - shown- sling adapters,etc.)...

This Ruger stainless/synthetic Model 77 Hawkeye in 7mm Magnum looks brand new but is lightly used. Scope mounts/rings included, bore and internals pristine. Made  in 2012 but obviously not used a lot.  $899 - all in :)

A traditional hunting rifle, the way I like them - a new, unfired Ruger Model 77, lovely walnut and well-finished blued steel, and in 270 Winchester, my all-time favourite!  With very nice Talley rings and mounts - $749 all in!

338 Winchester Magnum Weatherby Vanguard 2. This fine almost-new Vanguard in a really useful caliber wears a nice set of Talley rings and bases. Did you realize that a 338 like this really kicks no harder (some say softer) than a 300 and shoots just as flat?Appears new but has been fired, obviously mostly hoarded:)  $699 out the door!

 A A Weatherby Sporter MarkV in 300 Weatherby Magnum been on your bucket list for a while? No more waiting!  This one is gorgeous, almost no sign of use, except with a magnifying glass and a strong light. Manufactured some time after 2016, according to the serial number,it wears a great set of Leupold bases and rings, ready for your scope.  40 shots fired, looks and feels like a new gun!  These are $2300 new now, this one is $1199 - out the door!

  A lovely Winchester 94AE Saddle ring Carbine in 44 Magnum caliber.  What a deer and bear gun!  This is the Angle Eject model and can successfully run a scope, (equipped with bases and rings).  A big chunk off new price for an almost new rifle - $849 out the door!

  A new, unfired Remington 700 Stainless synthetic in 270 Winchester.  This was a package gun and came with a nice 3-9 scope, ready to go!  $749, out the door! 

Winchester XPR in 7mm-08....this caliber wasn't around in my heyday but if so, it would have really made sense to me  :)  A very usable 7mm in a 308-length action...  This almost new Winchester has a detachable magazine, nice sling and a great Vortex Crossfire scope - AND an extra magazine.   Over $1000 with tax from the store - $749 out the door!  

  This Savage Mark 1 single shot 22 rifle is as-new and a perfect choice for that youngster in your family to learn with, safely (and very accurately:)  It is a full sized rifle, however and not a cut-down youth model...   About 100 rounds through it, this one has a 1.5-14  Bushnell scope on Leupold rings as well as custom non-slip stippling on the stock. Scope covers and the famours acc-u-trigger complete the package.  $399 out the door!

This is one of the sought-after Belgian Browning BAR's in 7mm Magnum - made in 1976 and still in lovely shape.  The brand new fancy wood was over $400 when all was finished, and the insides are flawless.  A little bluing wear at the muzzle shows it was actually used.  Open sights - $790 out the door  :) 

A beautiful old (1899 and totally original) Model 1895 Winchester in 30-40 Krag.  This wonderful old rifle has been used - but certainly taken good care of - for the last hundred some odd years.  Bore and all internals excellent, nothing has been sanded, sawed or filed - totally original, and promises to be a very good shooter.  Not unmarked after all this time, but a great example of a  top-class, powerful rifle of its time and well beyond.  Did you know Teddy Roosevelt used three of these very successfully in Africa in 1909?? $2399 out the door  :) 


 Benelli Super Nova Tactical - this has to be handled and fired to be appreciated. Action is smooth and slick, and everything works positively.  The retractable stock is a case in point - no wobble at all, yet it smoothly and quickly retracts to give you a shotgun very noticeably shorter than the usual 870 or Defender, with a very usable barrel length.  In the store, it'll cost you $1200 out the door.   As-new but now only $899 out the door :)


Brand new 243 Vanguard - this Weatherby Vanguard II is new, unfired and has been fitted with a gorgeous Bell & Carlson stock (instead of the garish flame-design one it came with...) Unfired - $699 all in :)  On hold, Kris :) 


  This ISSC 22LR "Assault Rifle" is very close to my Robinson Arms 308 in design and execution.  Feels really good - $400 - Sold, Erik  :) 

I've had this Remington Rolling Block No 4 in 25 Rimfire for many years and hate to give it up but...  I have a few rounds of ammo but they're getting scarce - this is a collector's gun, not a shooter (although it shoots well, with strong rifling, and is in lovely condition).  Someone professionally refinished the wood sometime before I got it, otherwise it's totally original. This is the rare take-down model so prized by collectors. Dated to 1898, this is really unique and pretty.   $690 No tax!  If you are older than me (not very likely, and I'll want a peek at your ID) it's yours for $500  !Sort of a Super Senior discount....

  Here are some very very nice (Brand new in box, unfired of course) Weatherby Mark V rifles in popular calibers. This one is the Weatherby Mark V Deluxein 257 Weatherby. List price is $3500, selling for $1950 all in with two tiny marks in the wood, virtually impossible to see... 

    OK, here are some very very nice (Brand new in box, unfired of course) Weatherby Mark V rifles in popular calibers.  This one is a Mark V Deluxe 416 Weatherby chambered rifle (list $3500) and comes with 8 boxes of new ammo (list $1800), all for $3150 all in except shipping.  Sold only as a package :)

These are becoming impossible to find - a lovely Savage Model 99-C Series A in 308.  Impressive bore and internals, with a new Boyd's rear stock (Pretty, as is the front), metal showing a little use, but certainly not enough to warrant rebluing. Still some case-hardening visible on lever.... One detachable magazine, Weaver bases as well as the factory adjustable open sights.   $699 trades?...

This lovely Savage Model 99 Series A in 308 is in beautiful shape and wears a Redfield wide angle 2-7 scope and a nice recoil pad as well as a slightly shortened (1/2") stock for better manoeuvrability..  One magazine , great bore and internals.  $690 - trades?


  This is a wonderful example of the famous "Nylon 66" brought out by Remington in collaboration with DuPont.  Its strong point was always its utter reliability, and it actually won events by shooting more than a hundred thousand rounds without a malfunction.  This is the "Black Diamond" model, and a bit more rare than other models. In 22LR, it is semiautomatic with a simple, efficient action - and it seemed to be impossible to break or wear out.  $590, out the door :)

  Here are some more very nice (Brand new in box, unfired of course) Weatherby Mark V rifles in popular calibers. Here we have a Weatherby Mark V Deluxe chambered in 460 Weatherby Magnum.  List is $3500, will sell for $2150.

OK, here are some very very nice (Brand new in box, unfired of course) Weatherby Mark V rifles in popular calibers. This gorgeous rifle is the 300 Weatherby Mark V Deluxe by far the most popular Weatherby over many years :) - retailing at $3350, this one is $1950 plus shipping if needed. 

  OK, here are some very very nice (Brand new in box, unfired of course) Weatherby Mark V rifles in popular calibers. This one is the 338-378 Mark V Accumark model, and is the ultimate Elk and Grizzly rifle. This one has some serious horsepower!  $3350 list, this one goes out the door for $2050


Carl Gustav Sporter in 6.5x55 Caliber - one of my all-time favourites, these 6.5 mm sporting rifles have bagged everything from Moose and bears to elephants across the world.  Penetration and accuracy is the answer!  Built at the famous Carl Gustav factory in Sweden  on the Mauser action, 2 stage crisp trigger, fitted with a vintage (still very nice) Lyman scope -$299 out the door   Sold, Amanda  :)

  Rossi 17 HMR.  This is a lovely break-action "Hummer" that will really surprise you with its accuracy and range.  Not a 22-250, but in  rimfires, this is as close as you get! Fitted with a decent 3-9 scope, this would be certain death on crows! $249  all in :)   Sold  :)

    Here is a one-of-a-kind Ruger 10-22 rifle, with just over $1150 plus tax invested -now without the long mags - $699 - all in ... Sold  :)

     This Mossberg Model 590 Tactical 12 Gauge (2 3/4" and 3") is almost new although stored for a few years. ATI adjustable stock plus the factory speed-feed one - a $150 value - $690 - trades?  On hold, John  :)


  This lovely Remington Model700 Police Tacticalis in the rare stainlessversion, in 308 with 5R rifling, heavy 24" barrel, Bell & Carlson stock with ambi palm swell, extra sling swivels, and a very smooth action.  Talley mounts and rings, trigger is great as it should be, hardly any rounds, with a slight scuff mark on top of the barrel, courtesy of the RCMP - $899- trades?  Sold  :)


This Savage Model 93 is in 22 WMR (Magnum) and wears a nice 3-9 scope made for the Magnum.  One magazine, this rifle is barely used - Now $299- trades? SOLD :)

Very few boxes of trap loads have been through this immaculate Browning Silver Hunter 12 gauge shotgun. In stock form this one is over $1500 by  the time (at least in BC) you get it out to the pickup.  Added is the Fiber Optic Front sight (Green, my favourite) as well as the gorgeous upgraded stock (that lets you reduce the LOP by almost an inch for that youngster or slighter person).  $1190 out the door...Sold - Kris  :)

A lovely Tavor 223 Model 21. This is the famous Israeli Model TAR-21 223 bullpup rifle that uses AR15 mags and sets the bar for all bullpup rifles.  One Pmag, nice soft case with mag pouches, IWI cleaning kit - very few rounds.  Non-restricted of course, $2100 new, this one is 1580.00 - trades welcome...  Sold - Scott :)

    A real tack-driver!  This 24" barreled Remington 700 BDL in 22-250 is like a laser beam out to over 400 meters on coyotes and wolves and has a fantastic, light and crisp trigger..  Pretty darn nice bore, Leupold mounts and 1" rings, a Limb-Saver recoil pad and and the heavy barrel make this rifle almost recoilless!  Really a joy to shoot - and did I mention it's incredibly accurate?  Now $599 - trades? Now sold  :) 

    This trap/skeet combo Remington Model 1100 is absolutely fabulous!  The wood is among the best I've ever seen with gorgeous swirl patterns and the bluing is near perfect.  Both barrels are 26" - the Skeet barrel is Cylinder Bore and the trap is Full Choke.  Hmmm - grouse and rabbit  :)  Over 25 years old but still a gorgeous, competitive shotgun.  12 Gauge, 2 3/4" chamber - $980 - trades?  Sold, Jim  :) 

   This Kriss Vector in 45ACP sports a Bushnell Red Dot sight and a very nice High intensity light/forward handle.  Three Glock 10 rd mags (also have more).  These are so cool!  Fascinating mechanically, and fast/soft shooting.  Non-restricted, too!  $1899 - Will consider a trade-in  :)  Now sold  :)