Welcome to Gunnar's Long Guns

 February 23, 2019

To bring you up to date:

  Lots of stuff to ship..  Going forward with retirement (sort of) plans and that entails moving to a smaller house - still here in Prince George - with limited shop space.  A lot of guns, especially long guns, are now gone, although I still have some to get rid of, and some ex-prohibs to re-register.  I am keeping this website going for the foreseeable future, but plan to spend more time looking after Jean.  Look for deals, still a lot of cool stuff here!  




And a simply beautiful Winchester Model 12 shotgun, lovingly restored by Jim Ford..  $700 out the door

A New England Firearms "Pardner" single shot 410 shotgun.  Barely used (looks new) - what a grouse gun, especially for a youngster!  $250 out the door!

Lovely Winchester 44 Magnum Trapper Model 94... This is the desirable model WITHOUT the cross-bolt safety!  Shows very little use, and has a wonderful bore and innards :) $900 out the door! 

Just in - gorgeous 1959 Winchester Model 94.  Totally original, if it was fired more than a box, I'd be very suprised.  Sat in a collection for years, totally a safe queen if there ever was one!  $900 out the door!  Sold!