Welcome to Gunnar's Long Guns

January 18, 2020

 To bring you up to date: 

New house now complete (with the move pretty well completed) - still here in Prince George. We'll be using my cell number - 250-565-7605 - as we're not going to bother with the land line. 

 still have some neat long guns, and have some ex-prohibs to re-register and sell (with longer barrels). S&W's, Lugers.. I am keeping this website going for the foreseeable future, gotta have something to do!  Look for deals, still a lot of cool stuff here, including a 1913 Erfurt Luger, a beautiful Colt 4" Python stainless prohib ..


An as-new Mossberg 4X4 Model in 270 Short Magnum, and fitted (and sighted in) with a real nice Burris Fullfield 3-9 scope.   $500 out the door!

These are hard to find for a good reason!  A short, handy 308 Like this Savage Axis II is perfect for carrying and the open sights make for fast, instinctive shooting, especially in thick cover  :)  Brand new, original box - $500 out the door:)

A rare find - a Savage Axis II in the superb 280 Ackley Improved caliber, now  being issued as as a standard caliber by major Manufacturers. A significant improvement over both the 270 Winchester as well as the 280 Remington, with the added advantage of being quite usable in a standard 280, losing a bit of velocity. In some loadings equal to  a 7mm Remington magnum, but with noticeably less recoil. New, unfired, $450 out the door : 

  A NIB Sako 270 WSM Grey Wolf laminate/stainless rifle, complete wih everything these come with.  A gorgeous hunting rifle with unparalled accuracy and reliability.   1600 out the door :)   

   Browning Maxus 12 gauge semi auto with lightning trigger, wood stock (gorgeous) - appears new, but lightly used - Manual, etc.  This is an incredily light,well-balanced shotgun!  $1400 out the door :)..    

This almost mint Browning BAR belongs to a friend who is very very picky with his guns.  It's a Belgian rifle in 300 Winchester Magnum, steel receiver, 3 original magazines (virtually impossible to find, and quite pricy!).  Low round count on hammer forged barrel with exemplary bore.  1978 production makes it one of nicest made.  Never had a scope mounted - mount hole screws untouched.   This is a keeper!  $1400 out the door :)


A Browning X-Bolt 300WSM White Gold Medallion with a Leupold vx-3L 3.5-10 x 50 scope. Everything new in 2010 and still looks unused. Price new was $2400 before tax, but retail today is over $2600 plus tax (that's more than $2900) Comes with a Caldwell bipod and wonderfully padded sling.. Selling for $1700 out the door :)  On hold!