Welcome to Gunnar's Long Guns

April 25, 2020

 To bring you up to date: Jean and I will be self-quarantined for the next  while.That means no shop visits  in the next (little?)while.

We'll be using my cell number - 250-565-7605 - as we're not going to bother with the land line. 

 still have some neat long guns, and have some ex-prohibs to re-register and sell (with longer barrels). S&W's, Lugers.. I am keeping this website going for the foreseeable future, gotta have something to do!  Look for deals, still a lot of cool stuff here, including a beautiful Colt 4" Python factory polished stainless prohib ..


  This is a lovely, rare, and sought-after Ruger model 77 - the early model with the tang safety - my favourite! This one dates from 1978 and in 243 is a perfect deer rifle.  Complete  with Ruger rings and the Ruger red buttpad (now gone hard but collectors love them). Great bore - my friend Shayne tested it and it shoots very accurately!...Someone has thoughtfully removed some of the finish from the bottom of the triggerguard.  ??  Easily refinished...  $700 out the door.

  This Winchester Model 70SA in 22-250 is a varmint rifle that takes away any excuse you can dream up for that less-than-perfect shot. This is  the "heavy-barreled Varmint" model, 26" stainless fluted barrel, McMillan stock, gorgeous feeling light trigger, with Talley 2-piece scope rings, ready to go!  Barrel shows very light wear.  $1500 out the door:)    

  This Mossberg 308 ATR Night Train is almost new, and virtually recoil-less with its Barret-style muzzle brake. Lightning adjustable trigger and fluted barrel. Short and handy (22"barrel), ideal for someone with a shoulder sensitivity, and powerful enough for elk and moose.  $399 out the door  :)

This VZ58 in 223 is non-restricted so you can take it hunting, plinking, or target shooting, not just to a range. In 5.56/.223, with 4 - 10 round mags  coupled back to back for a lot of firepower!  The thumbhole stock is very comfortable, comes with sling, open sights, scope mount, and cheek rest!  $1200 out the door! On hold  :)

This almost mint Browning BAR belongs to a friend who is very very picky with his guns.  It's a Belgian rifle in 300 Winchester Magnum, steel receiver, 3 original magazines (virtually impossible to find, and quite pricy!).  Low round count on hammer forged barrel with exemplary bore.  1978 production makes it one of nicest made.  Never had a scope mounted - mount hole screws untouched.   This is a keeper!  $1400 out the door :)