Long Guns 

 Update  Sept 23, 2017

This is the Ruger 10/22 VLEH Target Tactical Semi-Auto Rifle -

• Hammer forged heavy barrel with target crown
• Target trigger offers a crisp 3-1/2 to 4-1/4 lb. pull
• Renowned and reliable rotary magazines
• Black Hogue Overmoulded stock
• Precision-adjustable bipod 

Not unfired but darn near!  $599 - trades?

Here is a special  custom M14 in 308!  Built on a Norinco M305 (stronger receiver)this one is deadly accurate - custom built by the top Ontario M14 builder with the following: 

ARMS 18 mount   ($275)

Springfield Flash Hider  ($100)

Fulton Armory Bolt  ($450)

Boyd stock - gorgeous wood  ($307)

Fully Nitride coated  ($250)Comes with 2 5/20 rd mags and a custom leather  sling

Plus tuning - test fired only - Family emergency forces sale :(

Cost well over $2000 to build - sell at $1199.  Have some ammo and powder as well for local sales...

This a lovely Russian SKS in 7.62x39, with folding/retractable stock, pistol grip, and accessory rails for your lasers and lights.  Appears unused and maybe it is!  Immaculate barrel and innards, and it comes with  a bunch of ammo - 21 boxes of 20 - non-corrosive, too.  This rifle could pass for brand new, unfired.  $569 - Trades?

This is my favourite version of the Norinco M97 Bullpup rifle.  Reliable open sights that actually work very well past 300 meters.  No scope to fog up or get banged up.  In 223/5.56, this fast-shooting non-restricted rifle takes AR15 mags, available everywhere in 10 round pistol guise.  Hmmm - perfect for whitetails, coyotes, jackrabbits - or Zombies!  2 10 rd mags - $649 out the door  :)

  Speaking of my favourites!  This Browning BLR in .308 is a great choice for lefties like me and is the desirable older model ('80's) with the strong steel receiver.  has very nice open sights too for those who want to carry it in a scabbard (where it really shines).  And to top it all off, this rifle is a little worn on outside, but lovely inside.  Comes with one detachable magazine.  $579 - trades?

  This immaculate Ruger Model 77 Hawkeye is the scarce (None in Canada that I can find) wood-stocked 223.  With the scope and rings now gone, this beautiful rifle with mounts is not $1200 any more, but $990 out the door! 

This Windham Weaponry WW15 in 223/5.56 (Now built by the former Bushmaster guys) is almost unused.  This is the desirable flat-top version, ready for optics - or the removable open sights it wears...  These are $1250 new plus tax - ($1400 or so)   $990 out the door.. - trades?

    This Mossberg Model 590 Tactical 12 Gauge (2 3/4" and 3") is almost new although stored for a few years. ATI adjustable stock plus the factory speed-feed one - a $150 value - $690 - trades?

   The famous Benelli Supernova Tactical pump 12 gauge is the ultimate Bear gun!  Half a box of trap loads through it to make sure it works - this is $1069 plus tax and shipping in the store - that's well over $1200 from most gun shops - Save $250 by coming to visit me  :)  Now $949 - out the door!

A lovely Tavor 223 Model 21. This is the famous Israeli Model TAR-21 223 bullpup rifle that uses AR15 mags and sets the bar for all bullpup rifles.  One Pmag, nice soft case with mag pouches, IWI cleaning kit - very few rounds.  Non-restricted of course, $2100 new, this one is 1580.00 - trades welcome...  Sold - Scott :)

  This stainless, fluted Remington 700 Varmint model in 22-250 looks new and almost is!  Less than 20 rounds, with weaver rails, it's not even broken in yet, this retails for $1200 new - now $990...

 This Kriss Vector in 45ACP sports a Bushnell Red Dot sight and a very nice High intensity light/forward handle.  Three Glock 10 rd mags (also have more).  These are so cool!  Fascinating mechanically, and fast/soft shooting.  Non-restricted, too!  $1899 - Will maybe consider a trade-in  :) 

    Now this one I like! A North Eastern Arms AR 15  chambered in  5.56/223, in Desert Tan colour, almost unused, and with Magpul furniture added, a very nice tactical sling and bolt release, an LAR 10 round magazine.  The Vortex scope/red dot combo now gone...$980 - trades maybe... 

  Now this is a muzzle brake I can appreciate!  This Model 116 Savage is in 300 Winchester Magnum but feels like a 308 with the muzzle brake activated.  The nice part is you can, with a twist of the brake, deactivate it to give you all the kick and noise you want!  (And keep your buddies happy)  This lovely and well-maintained rifle even comes with owners manual, is stainless/synthetic with a gorgeous fluted barrel, high quality sling and swivels, AND a nice (vintage) 3-9 scope. Shows very few rounds, and will still outlast pretty well any shooter.  Detachable magazine, too!    $690, trades may be considered...

Here is a neat European style hunting rifle.  Built by Stiga of Sweden on a 96 Mauser action sniper rifle with a new 24" 8x57S barrel. A great caliber, and ammo is readily available.   Almost no rounds through this one , and a perfect bore, drilled and tapped for a side scope mount (I think we have that somewhere)  $379  -trades considered...

  A rare and collectible Mauser Model 71 Carbine in 43 Mauser caliber.  Dated 1876, serial number 9241C (all matching - these craftsmen even numbered all the large screws!).  Unit Designation is 8.H.90 which is the 8th Hussar Regiment of Imperial Germany, a mounted Cavalry Unit  (this likely accounts for a few of the stock scratches - these were carried off a saddle attachment :)  There are a LOT of stock cartouches.  The rifle was manufactured by Gestern Waffenfabrik, the bore has strong rifling and is excellent for the age.  The forend cap is a very well-made reproduction and really does look original - especially as this is not a numbered part.  $980 - a trade might be possible...

These are becoming impossible to find - a lovely Savage Model 99-C Series A in 308.  Impressive bore and internals, with a new Boyd's rear stock (Pretty, as is the front), metal showing a little use, but certainly not enough to warrant rebluing. Still some case-hardening visible on lever.... One detachable magazine, Weaver bases as well as the factory adjustable open sights.   $699 ...

  Rare and special doesn't even start do describe this 1895 Model 1894 in 30 WCF (30-30).  The serial number places it among the very first Smokeless 94's made, when they finally got the  Nickel Steel and the heat treatment figured out for the barrels.  26" full octagon profile barrel, definitely rifling still there, but sure not shiny, factory tang sight (worth $300 by itself), curved buttplate, wonderful wood.  Restored by my friend Jim Ford and like me, he's realizing he's running out of time to play with them all...It is abolutely gorgeous!  Now $1795 - same price as a new Japanese-made carbine ...







My restoration guy, Jim Ford, is a lever-action aficionado, but is now parting with this 1909 Winchester Model 1894 30 WCF (30-30) long barreled rifle. Like all the guns Jim kept, it's immaculate inside, too, and its 26" barrel lets it reach out - and it balances sooo nice  :)  You'd carry this one by the forestock, as intended - not the receiver...You'll pay $1500 to $1700 for a new Japanese-made Model 94 carbine with that "lovely cross-bolt safety" as a bonus! You will never find one like this.  Let's find this one a new home - Now $1400 ...

  This NON-RESTRICTED 223 Czech VZ-58 Sporter is not an AK47 (actually better!)  Comes with the adapter converting it to AR magazines (think 10 rounders) and a 30/5 rd AR mag plus two nice Factory Czech mags.  Also comes with a good, solid scope mount (and open sights of course) cleaning kit and manual. Also included is the original rear uist cover and spring, for going back to stock configuration... These currently retail at $1400 without the extras - $990 - with 200 worth of  neat stuff..  sold Erik  :)

  Gee, this is really nice and feels great! A 300 Win Mag Stevens Model 200 that is as-new - with a near-new Bushnell 3200 scope.  This 3-9 is the sucessor to my favourite Bausch&Lomb, carried successfully for many a year!   The vented thumbhole stock (right hand, though) from Boyd's is gorgeous!  $549 - out the door :)  Sold  :)

    An H&R Handi-Rifle!  For some years when I was younger, I hunted with a single shot rifle (no, that isn't all they had then!)  I really  didn't do too badly, either!  I wish I'd had one of these then - short in spite of its 22" barrel, in 270, my favourite, very handy and quick to reload (or load - what a truck gun..)  as-new, in stainless/synthetic, wearing a lovely imported Barska 3-9 scope (Russia, I believe  :)$429 - trades welcome...  Sold  :)

  This a special TALO edition Ruger 10-22 Tactical model and almost new!  Came with a special folding AND telescoping stock, foregrip and a nice ergonomic handgrip, lots of accessory rails. Open sights plus a lovely Nikon Prostaff 3-9 scope and flip-up covers.  One original mag and manual - $459 trades?  Sold  :)

  This Ruger SR556 is one of the nicest basic AR15 variants out there:)  Currently selling at $850-$950, this one is virtually unfired and $799 out the door! Restricted, of course :)  And yes, shoots both 223 and 5.56 very well.   Manual,  and two mags, too! Talk to me about a case of ammo!  sold, Randy..

  A Ruger American Camo - their very nice entry in the medium priced hunting rifle market, and in 308, possibly the most useful all-around cartridge out there.  We all have our favourites, but a 308 does it all!  Not a 460 Magnum, not a .223, but just enough gun  :)  Wears a decent 3-9 Bushnell scope - again, not the absolute best but a great optic for its price, and it will do the job! $590  trades? Sold  :)








And also from Jim's personal collection, another true restoration, this 1958 (Which makes it one of the impossible-to-find and sought by knowledgeable shooters pre 64's) Winchester 94 is very tight and smooth, with lovely internals and promises to be a great shooter.  These are what Winchester hope their new Japanese-built (since 2011) Model 94's - at $1500 - $1700 - will bring back.   Not quite, although I do like a lot of Japanese rifles.  This one is Now $790 ...Sold - Nestor  :)

  A real tack-driver!  This 24" barreled Remington 700 BDL in 22-250 is like a laser beam out to over 400 meters on coyotes and wolves and has a fantastic, light and crisp trigger..  Pretty darn nice bore, Leupold mounts and 1" rings, a Limb-Saver recoil pad and and the heavy barrel make this rifle almost recoilless!  Really a joy to shoot - and did I mention it's incredibly accurate?  Now $599 - trades? Now sold  :) 

This classy-looking (and feeling) over/under 12 gauge is by Boito and built very well in Brazil.  Not a $2000 shotgun by any stretch but a good gun for someone who is not an avid trapshooter and doesn't shoot 40,00 rounds a year....5 screw-in chokes from Full to IM  $349 - trades?



stainless and synthetic Savage Model 12 in 308, the heavy long barreled varmint/sniper model almost unfired, and pristine.   I used a lefthand version of this rifle for 1000 yard competition and loved it!  Wore a 4200 Elite scope in 2.5 - 16 power that felt as good as my Swarovski - $1600 for the set - rifle only- $1100 - no trades...On hold  -  see below.  Scope now gone  :) 

A classic Winchester M24. This one just misses being a collectible!  Someone reblued it, killing a lot of collector value  :( However, what that leaves is a classic great-shooting SXS Winchester in 12 gauge (2 3/4").  What a grouse, pheasant or

rabbit gun! Tight, great bores,  - $329 - trades? 

On hold - see below. 

  This stainless, fluted Remington 700 Varmint model in 22-250 looks new and almost is!  Less than 20 rounds, with weaver rails, it's not even broken in yet, this retails for $1200 new - now $990... 


A while ago (in April 2016) our alarm system was activated while we were called away urgently for medical reasons. 

A faulty door was blown open by heavy winds when everything showed it to be securely locked.  While we were in X-Ray, we had shut off our cell phones as instructed. The alarm company couldn't reach us and called the cops. They couldn't  resist, and in the process, a number of guns were seized, and some still remain in their custody.  These consist of long guns, and some restricted and prohibited as well. There are still a few privately owned guns included, and I urge the owners to claim them from the RCMP.

We are dealing with the legal aspects through our solicitors and will be going to court in January-February 2018.  Both Jean and I were charged with the usual - unsafe storage - which we trust will be succesfully dealt with in court.