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Used Guns (and neat stuff :) For Sale

April 16, 2014


Now in stock!  45 STI Trojans and Ranger II's, also black GSG's,   Clarence is having a look at one of those neat Czech 9mm revolvers to see what we can do to tune it...Turned out great - we're both impressed  :)

As part of our sort-of retirement plans, transfer of the ARMCO Repair/Custom work to Clarence at his new shop - Bumblbee Custom Machine -  look it up on Google  - (my link didn't seem to work) - has now happened and he is up and running and continuing to put out some awfully nice work.

Sales at ARMCO will of course continue, and even grow, with lots more cool stuff arriving all the time.  We will be cooperating on warranty and other work, and there will be a lot of traffic between our two shops for the foreseeable future  :)

Armco's revised drop-in/visiting hours are working well!  Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00, at least for now, plus Saturday 9-12 and 1-3 gives us those times to visit, and talk.  It has turned out to be a highlight of my week.  As before if you're traveling through we can make other arrangements  :)  We still take a break from answering the phone on Tuesdays and Thursdays and that has really upped productivity, too!   Thanks, guys!!  (and ladies...  :)



All Prices are in Canadian Dollars and Note!  No foreign (including US) sales - sorry!     Used Guns are all subject to a one week inspection period.  Return prepaid for full refund if not satisfied.

We will also sell your handgun or long gun for a 15% commission (or $50, whichever is higher).  We need it here for inspection before accepting for sale.   Call or email for details.


  Shipping and Tax extra (unless otherwise indicated) - Tax is 5 and 7% in BC, HST wherever it is in force, 5% GST elsewhere.       Shipping usually in the $20 to $50 range with  full insurance depending on where you are and the value of the gun....  Long guns in a new hard case - add $24

You may notice the line-up below changes constantly.  Sales have been brisk and a lot of guns don't even makeModel 94's it to this page.   If you have a special item you are looking for, let me know and I'll contact you as soon as something likely shows up.  Well over half of the guns I get have a home already picked out :)

Click on images to enlarge - I usually have lots more pics of the guns below, so just ask!  AND trade-ins almost always welcome


Coming, pics to follow:    Uberti El Patron 357 - on hold Kelly,  beautiful Colt HBar match with original scope, 2 original mags and 22 kit,  Stainless Taurus PT1911 in 45, 30 Carbine Cal Ruger Blackhawk, Norinco SKS-D folder,

Restricted Handguns:  Another bunch just in  :)
A brand-new tuned STI Spartan lower - set up for 9mm (can be set up for 40 or 45)  $649 complete with slide stop and magazine ..
A matching pair of brand new 45 Colt Ruger New Vaqueros in the 4 5/8" barrel length.  Polished Stainless, black checkered grips, all boxes and papers etc.  Serial numbers are one apart (not quite consecutive  :(   $1379 for the pair - $719 each - trades?  These guns still have the original grease on them so don't look as shiny in photos as they will once cleaned up...
This CZ P07 Duty in 9mm appears unfired and is Canada-legal  - 2 mags - one compact and one full-size, case - $549 Trades?
Very nice 40 Caliber SIG P226 has everything - 5 mags, case, night sights (still bright), light rail - less than 300 rounds - $989 - trades?
STI 22 conversion kit - this is one of the good ones made by Marvel Precision for STI - one mag - Test fired only - 50 rounds on it  $429 - trades?  (More mags - $39.90 each)
New GSG 1911 - 22 kits  :)  Slide, barrel, magazine, spring, everything you need to swap a 22 top end onto your STI, Kimber, even Norinco!  Virtually any 1911-based pistol.  $249 - trades?
Here is one of the desirable older Norinco 1911A1's - 45, of course - and this one was almost unused when we got it and tightened and tuned it.  Box and two mags - About 200 rounds on year warranty - This one is really smooth  :)   $449 - trades?  For those (like me) who prefer the older more traditional 1911's...

Immaculate Freedom Arms Model 83 Premier Grade in the shorter-barreled 454 Casull chambering.  These guns are built like a bank vault, and feel so good to shoot (compared to the DA revolvers abounding now in 454).  Sold new for $2900 plus tax - and now with 40 rounds fired, and still as-new- $2499 - Trades?

This one is really something special!  A custom 2011 STI with a 6" Schuemann Hybrid barrel  in 400 Cor-bon caliber (basically a 45 ACP necked to 40) - red dot sight, super-nice trigger.  All top drawer pieces, this IPSC gun built by me a few years ago and just gone through again.  A very successful gun, shooting 135 grain bullets, and just not used any more -   Low round count for an IPSC gun - I'd estimate 8-10,000 tops with lead bullet loads so virtually no barrel wear.  5 SVI custom mags, 4 Safariland mag pouches, spare Red dot sight, $1890 - trades? 
Saying this is special doesn't even start to do it justice.  I have never seen an example this nice of a 1903 Pocket Model Colt 38 "Rimless Smokeless" in a museum or book.  Also known as the Model 1903 Pocket Hammer .38, much scarcer than the 6" military models, this is a 4.5", made in 1917, with a shorter grip and magazine than the more common military model.  Has been fired, but likely less than a box, and handling wear is extremely light, with a perfect bore and internals.  Ammo - .38 ACP, NOT 38 Super - is still readily available..Now $2190 - trades welcome.
Another one of my own I've been saving - a centerfire Lefaucheux that is common as a pinfire, rarely see in the centerfire version - Appears to be a Swedish military revolver in 11mm - likely an experimental one as it has no Swedish markings.  It definitely qualifies as an Antique and just needs to be de-registerd.  Actually in pretty nice condition, with a lot of original finish remaining, good chambers, some pitting in the strongly-rifled .429 bore, definitely NOT an ARMCO trigger pull.  Everything original, and works well.  It would take 44 Russian rounds if loaded (lightly) with black powder, but this is not a bear gun!  $600 no tax  :)
 Rimfire Handguns:
This Hi-Standard Sport King is a wonderful shooting 22 - a shorty but still not a prohib  :)  One Magazine, wonderful bore and internals, shows some use - it is a 1951 gun  :)   $289 - trades?
These older Colt Woodsman 22's are rare, collectible and handle and shoot so well.  Dates to 1953.  This one shows a little wear but certainly no abuse - $549 - Trades?
Lovely S&W Model 34 22LR "Kit Gun" so named for the Americans' popular carrying of them in their fishing tackle boxes (we never could in Canada  :()  These are getting rare!  $449 - trades?
This is a rare Beretta -Model 19 in 25ACP, and it is in perfect working order!  Not a lot of finish left, but complete and functional, one original magazine, these are so much fun to shoot - $249 - trades? 

As-new 380 Basque with box and two mags - $279 - trades?   These Spanish pistols are well made and accurate, plus that 380 is just plain nicer than the 32's....Sold - Mark  :)

These Star Model SI .32ACP pistols were made between 1944 and 1983 and this one is exceptional, with original Military/Police holster and matching serial numbered magazine plus a spare (different number).  Shows very little if any use - no German markings. $399 - trades?

Here is a really nice Colt Model 1903 Pocket hammerless in 32 ACP.  Slight flaw on right grip.  Barrel and internals in wonderful condition - $311 - trades?

Here is a really lovely late fifties 12(6) S&W Model 10 with the 4" barrel and "SPM" in front of the serial number - Montreal City Police -  has been professionally refinished in my opinion, but very nicely... shows very little use as I would expect  :)  $349 - trades?  
This 12(6) Romanian-issued Beretta 1934 is in 380 (or 9 Scurt as marked on the slide). Dated 1941, it carries the "CM" marking on the frame.  Has survived very nicely - original magazine - $329 - trades?
S&W 12(6) Model 10-5 in 38 Special is a 4" (12(6) Prohib in lovely shape - custom grips - a wonderful shooter - $299 - trades?
 Some of my own - no tax... all these are 12(6) Prohibs...

One of my own, so no tax  :)  A nice 1950's Colt "357 Magnum" - the forerunner of the Python - basically a Python without the ribbed barrel - this one has the target sights, flared hammer and trigger -  $499 - trades?  I can vouch for the accuracy and lovely action of this one as it remained my favourite for many years, shooting only 38 Special target ammo, until I got my S&W Model 627...  I am partial to S&W's, currently owning 16...   :)

MAB Modele R - a 32acp French pistol very close to the Model D that is the common civilian version, but patterned more for military use, with an exposed hammer and lanyard ring.  Very few of these were made as the army went to 9mm,  and today it is much rarer than the D series..small crack in the right grip by the top screw, lovely bore and internals  $199 - no tax 
Two Webleys I don't shoot any more- the first one is a 3" Mark III 38 revolver (Sherlock Holmes era) that is very special. 95% finish, internals as-new, grips 95%+, top strap engraved with the Scottish importer's name and address(es).  The slightly larger one is a commercial Webley in 38S&W also, approx 1930's, and in remarkable condition.  NOT a wartime model!    Small 38-$600, Large 38 - $400,  - I'll consider trades...
This is a lovely 380 Beretta Model 1934 that I had Jim Ford restore for me a while back  because I am fascinated by 380's - and because this Beretta fits my hand so well.  Shoots great, looks good, not original, but so what? I hear Mussolini used to own this one - well, one like it  :)  $375 no tax  :)
This 7.65 (32ACP)  Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless has for years been one of my favourites - that I just don't shoot any more - because it is to me the epitome of 1930's gangster-era pistols.  Slim, sleek and (considered in its day) powerful, this model was refinished very well some years ago - looks gorgeous - and shoots very well.  I just got myself a 380 version of this - so...  $400 - no tax - trades considered  :)
This is a 1980's Colt Sporter Match H Bar in 5.56 caliber.  Virtually unused - Only way I know it's used is I was there  :) Colt 4X scope that looks new, Colt 22 kit with magazine, two Colt pinned mags.  Bore gleaming as-new, this gun is virtually flawless! 
Sample only - this is a 10-22 (Archangel-kitted) my Cerakote guy did up in OD.  Turned out great  :)
Here is an improved (With a new stronger, railed slide) Mossberg 500 - 2 3/4 and 3" - Zombies, anyone?  $319 - trades?  Comes with sling and has less tha 100 rounds on it...
This JP Sauer & Sohn Model 3000 Drilling is used but still in woderful shape.  16 Gauge x 16 Gauge x 7x57R with a 22 Magnum insert for one of the shotgun barrels.  Sports a quick-detachable Frankonia 6x42 scope.  Bores immaculate, superb wood of course - $3799 - trades considered.
How I wish I were right-handed!  This gorgeous rifle is a Remington 700 Custom Shop C grade 300 Ultra Mag and it's flawless inside and out!  The wood is the kind where you'd buy a blank for $3000 and then pay someone another thousand to finish it  :)  The metalwork is flawless, of course - bolt is sooo smooth and the trigger is crisp and light - not overly light - never messed with.  Drilled and tapped of course .  You'd pay over $3000 today (and wait a long while) I saw used ones not nearly as pretty at $3550 US!  - this one is $1890 - trades?
A lovely unfired Savage Model 16 in 22-250.  Accutrigger, stainless, with Leupold Vari-x II 3-9 scope - perfect wolf and coyote rifle - $890 - or $649/$349 separately - trades?
The perfect truck gun!  A camo'd H&R 308 with sling and Redfield 3-9 scope - $349 - trades ?
Norinco M14 in 308 with ARMS mount and Leupold 3-9 Mark AR scope - $890 - trades?  I have all the rear sight stuff but not the flash hider/front sight, so if anyone has a flash hider for these, I'd gladly buy it and consider selling the mount and/or the scope  :)  Got one  :)  Now sold  :)
Here is a prized set of three (one left) "African" Ruger rifles in 375 H&H - unfired in box, 416 Rigby unfired in box  - now gone - and 458 Lott  (Now gone ) prices at time of purchase ranged between $2300 and $2600...Now no longer available. I am offering the remaining 375 individually at $2699416 now gone, too  :),  Trades considered of course...  These rifles were the absolute best Ruger ever produced, with exceptional wood and flawless metal fit and finish  :)  Now all gone!
Now this is rare - and nice!  A Remington Model 4 Rolling Block take-down model in 25 rimfire - my very first real rifle was a Stevens Favorite in 25!  Expensive to shoot compared to the 22's, even in 1954  :)  I learned to make every shot count!  This one is the "Boy's Rifle" and would be very shootable for someone with a few boxes of ammo stashed away  :) $890 - trades?  Got some ammo, too, now - let's talk  :)
And... Neat stuff!!
40 Beretta model 96 mags - original factory pinned regular-capacity mags - $40 each
Recognize this?  Aha! Savage 64  22LR Semi Auto Rifle, among others...  $10 plus shipping...
Very nice Aimpoint Comp red dot sight - ready to mount on a 1911 type pistol.  Large dot so not suitable for rifles - used but in  perfect working condition - Sight $100 - with mount - $150
Here's a neat 3-9 scope - a "Ravage" not for your 458 magnum, but perfect for a 223 or 22LR   $50...
As-new RH Bladetech 1911 holster and mag. pouch.  This is the desirable "Dropped/offset" model - new price on these is $80 for the holster, $40 for the pouch.  Now $70 and $30 - or $90 for the set!
Here's a neat polymer, no-gunsmithing rail adapter for 1911's - $20
Lovely Bianchi holster for your 4" (or 4.2") revolver, or 4.5" auto. .$60...  Belt gone... .
And now we have both small and full-size Fake suppressors for AR's - the new larger ones can be re-treaded to larger sizes as well (the small one can not)  $79 and $249
A 357 trim die in nice shape - $15
Very nice ( and rare) Redding Titanium carbide dies for a 357 "Super Mag (357 Maximum, really) - $60
Still some Norc and Spartan slides, frames and barrels... see "guns in parts" section.... one new Norc Commander frame...
Building an AR?  Here we go -   A2 grip with bolt - $15.  Colt Large diameter pin - $20.  Trigger guard - $8.  Safety - $10.  Trigger/hammer group - $45.  Mag release - $12.  Bolt release - $10.  New bolt carrier - $100..
Lovely NC Ordnance "Ivory" grips for a Colt Officer's model and copies - New - $40
Norc P22 grips - (fit P226 SIG too)  $5
Tokarev parts - in this case brand new Chinese pieces. Frame with Mag. catch and trigger - $60.  Slide - $80.   Hammer/sear group complete - $40
Got a compact Tanfoglio or Witness - or one with the magwell?  These exotic wood grips are lovely (and unused) but won't fit the standard model - $60
Another set for the Compact model - $10
New stock grips that actually feel pretty good - for a Baby Eagle - $20
This is a sorta cool magwell-grip combo - $20
Stock grips for a Para wide-body pistol.  Those little trigger stirrup pads that always break are completely intact - $30 sold  jake
Want to try your hand at checkering?  How about building your own design with a soldering gun?  These are lovely smooth hardwood grips off new STI GI models - $25/pair
Got small hands?  These STI Rosewood grips are the slim ones - with special bushings and screws and sure do make a difference.  Purty, too!  $80.  on hold, jake
Stock SIG P226 grips - as-new, perfect for making that older Norinco NP22 feel sooo much nicer - $25
FNP 45 mag - $40
A pair of Safariland competition mag pouches for the CZ/Beretta etc. size mags.  RH use - $40 for the pair.
Now - new 6" CZ75 9mm barrels in stock -   $189 - Not threaded, sorry, but we can do that - add $100.  Cut and crowned to shorter length - $80  Now one left  :)
Got a full size Rossi switch-barrel rifle or shotgun?  Always wanted to try a little Black Powder shooting, maybe some Primitive hunting?  Here's a barrel kit including Nipple wrench in 50 caliber.  Brand new, just snap it on  :)   -
  Mini-14 sight mount $20  
Stock M4 hand guard - brand new - $20
We now have the best moon clip loaders ever!  The BMT units load and unload moon clips with one twist of the wrist - check out their video  :)  Far ahead of all the others I've used - $100 each for L frame, K Frame, 610's, 44's...
 Want to to mount a light or laser on your 1911 - and a lot of similar guns?  These rails easily mount to your dust shield, with the screws on the inside, so all you do is drill two small holes and countersink them...$49... 0r $89 installed on your gun - we have lots now  :) 
We just made up a bunch of Armco Squib Rods.  Top quality brass shaft with a swaged-on alloy cap.   - if you don't have one, you will need it sooner or later.  We know you'd never load a case without powder but your friends will  :)  $25 - specify caliber... 
 Norinco 1911A1-C factory "Commander" 45 barrels with link and pin.  These really shoot well, hard chromed for durability - $110
 Norinco 1911A1 factory 45 barrels with link and pin.  These really shoot well, hard chromed for durability - $110    Now out but have a Colt, a  Kart Match 45 barrel...lots of others...

This is a  "Four-Star"Ed Brown compensator - currently in 40/10mm, but we'll ream to 45 if wanted - $80  needs a 5.5" threaded barrel with .575" x 40 pi threads.

Guns sold or on Hold
Belgian Browning Hi-Power 9mm with the old style extractor and Pachmayr grips.  Absolutely lovely with an Armco trigger job, one magazine - $890 - trades?  On hold  :)
This is an Armco Custom Norinco 45 in the Commander size.  Walnut grips, Custom sights, and of course it's Armco-smooth  :)  Less than 500 rounds before we tuned and smoothed it - one year warranty - 2 mags - $449 - trades?  Sold Greg  :)
This Walther P38 9mm pistol is the post-war police model and appears almost unused.  Lovely bore and internals, one magazine,   $399 - trades?  On hold :)  
This Beretta 7.65 (32ACP caliber) Model 1935 is all original, and sports the familiar plum coloured slide (very hard steel)  $250 - no tax, trades considered  :) On hold  :)  
This is the third -nicest Herbert Schmidt 22 LR revolver I have come across  :)  Appears to have been sitting around a lot more than being shot, great lock-up and internals - $299 - trades? On hold...  Paperwork issues...  
As-new Norinco CQ shorty (10.5") AR.  In 223/5.56, these are reliable, fun rifles -restricted unfortunately -Two mags - $649 -trades? Gone!
12Ga X 2 3/4 riot gun :)  This Remington 870 has a lot of bells and whistles, and a mirror bore.  No, it's not a 3" or 3 1/2" magnum, but have you fired one lately?  OWWW!  This is plenty for what you need, even bear defense  :)  $399 - trades?  Sold - Trevor  :)
Unique Model D 22LR target pistol - barely fired, this French pistol is built with old-world craftsmanship and sports an outside hammer  so you don't have to insert a dummy round and dry-fire it :)  One magazine, factory box and papers - $379 - trades?  Sold, Greg  :)
And here is last year's lightly customized 9mm STI Rangemaster with all the cool stuff plus a 10 round Wilson mag, and custom Wilson aluminum trigger.  (Lovely trigger press)  These run forever and are incredibly accurate, full 30 LPI checkering, mag well, ambi, Fiber optic front sight - These are over $1750 new - $1399 - trades welcome  :) Gone  Carl  :)
A neat 9mm revolver!  This is an Italian (think Clint Eastwood Westerns)  SAA Model 1875 replica from Jager, and it retains all of the valued early Colt characteristics - all those nice clicks, half-cock (one notch) to free the cylinder.  Adjustable sights are really nice, and the trigger, although I know Clarence could make it superb, is quite decent.  Inside and out VG - Excellent.  Shows use but good cleaning practices - $399 - trades?  Sold - William  :)
This is by far the nicest PPK I've come across!  7.65/32 Auto caliber.  It misses being 100% by a whisker - original box in nice shape, both extended and standard mags - this gun was made in 1965 and issued to the West German police as an undercover gun.  Likely sat in a desk drawer until it was retired as I sure don't think this one was ever carried :)    This may well be unfired as breech face and bore are as-new...  $429 - trades?  Gone - Randy  :)
Why do I want all the nice ones for myself??  This very special Anschutz Model 1155 in 22 Hornet is sooo classy!  Full wood, with little handling and next to no shooting, immaculate metal, very nice classic Bausch & Lomb 3-9 scope - dual set triggers are to die for, $1690 - trades?  On hold  :)
Rossi 6 shot 22LR revolver - Those Brazilians sure got rhythm!   This is a 6" one in my favourite blued finish and is really as-new - $399 - trades? On hold, Pat  :)