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April 13, 2015  


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Armco's revised drop-in/visiting hours are working well!  Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00, plus Saturday 9-12 and 1-3 gives us those times to visit, and talk.  It has turned out to be a highlight of my week.  As before if you're traveling from out of town we can make other arrangements  :)  We still take a break from answering the phone on Tuesdays and Thursdays and that has really upped productivity, too!   Thanks, guys!!  (and ladies:)


All Prices are in Canadian Dollars and Note!  No foreign (including US) sales - sorry!     Used Guns are all subject to a one week inspection period.  Return prepaid for full refund if not satisfied.

We will also sell your handgun or long gun for a 15% commission (or $50, whichever is higher).  We need it here for inspection before accepting for sale.   Call or email for details.


  Shipping and Tax extra (unless otherwise indicated) - Tax is 5 and 7% in BC, HST wherever it is in force, 5% GST elsewhere.       Shipping usually in the $20 to $50 range with  full insurance depending on where you are and the value of the gun....  Long guns in a new hard case - add $24

You may notice the line-up below changes constantly.  Sales have been brisk and a lot of guns don't even make it to this page.   If you have a special item you are looking for, let me know and I'll contact you as soon as something likely shows up.  Well over half of the guns I get have a home already picked out :)

Click on images to enlarge - I usually have lots more pics of the guns below, so just ask!  AND trade-ins almost always welcome

Here now, pics soon:   An as-new Norc M14 with the nice wood stock, A Savage 111 in 300 Win Mag, a beautiful Sauer Model 80 in 7x64, Winchester Model 23 Pigeon Grade, Boito SxS 12 gauge, nice Lee Enfield Sporter, a pair of Schultz and Larsens - a Victory Model in 300 Win Mag, and another in 338 Win Mag with a broken stock, a cute 17Hummer   cal Savage...


Restricted Handguns:
New Spartan V 9mm's now here!  These are by far the best deal in high quality 1911's in this popular caliber - I have one myself and love it!  $859 - trades?  And a very nice used one here now, too...
Brand new unfired HK LEM in 45 ACP is the sought-after Tactical version with the threaded barrel.  Case, 2 mags, interchangeable grip panel - These retail new for $1218 - $1429. Now $1090 - trades?
This is a 1974 vintage Star Modelo Super in 9mm.  Spanish made and imported into South Africa in the '80's and subsequently here.  One magazine - ALMOST a 1911, these are very well built, with quite a few features other 1911's could use - loaded chamber indicator, external extractor, slot type barrel locking system like CZ, ambi slide release, and NO GRIP SAFETY :) as well as a  very nice trigger.  They shoot beautifully - this one is almost unfired and very snugly fitted - $749 - trades?
This WW2 Victory model 38S&W (not 38 Special) revolver shows a few dings from storage but otherwise is as-issued with a lovely bright bore and chambers and tight lockup.  Complete and original, right to the lanyard ring which is often the first to go :)  $499 - trades?
Made-in-Belgium (and assembled in Portugual) Browning Hi-Power 9mm with one mag, Pachmayr plus lovely factory wood grips - made in 1988 and is really 99% inside and out.  Adjustable target sights.   I know it's been fired but can't find a single flaw.  $790 - trades?
 Rimfire Handguns:
As-new Czech-made Alfa revolver in 22 LR.  This is the 9 shot all-steel model and has barely been fired - the owner has rather large hands and this gun is better suited to small-to-medium mitts  :)  Lists at $529 - now $449 - trades?
The new 22 GSG Stainless Model is here (and black ones, too) - and as usual, tuned and smoothed here, without the magazine disconnect and with a lovely, crisp trigger pull.  One mag, case, interchangeable sights, manual, tools... These are a full scale 1911, not reduced in size like the Browning and Colt, are quite accurate  and very reliable (I have owned one for two years now).  They do like the hotter ammo for best accuracy and performance but seem to chug right along with anything you can feed them :)  $469 with a one year Armco warranty - trades?  Now none left!


And this 4" Python is absolutely gorgeous - one-owner, unfired, original box and papers with the 1983 registration papers.  Has 2 pairs of Hogue exotic (Pao Ferro and Rosewood) grips and a rubber set (in case he ever decided to go shooting with it) as well as the mint factory ones, six HKS Speedloaders and the Safariland belt clips for them - $1790 - Trades? 
Unique 32 auto pistol  - French-made and very well built, this one sure fits my hand great!  Decent trigger and smooth action characterize this 1960's handgun.  One magazine - Lovely condition - $199 - Trades?
Manurhin (French) post-war (Walther) PP in 32 auto - one magazine - great finish and internals - $499 - trades? 
 Some of my own - no tax... all these are 12(6) Prohibs...
This is a Star Model SI in .32 (7.65) and its holster, second magazine, and locked-breech (miniature 1911) action is a joy to shoot.  All-steel and very well made, not one of the potmetal pistols so common from post-war Europe...$349 - trades?  No tax  :)
 MAB Modele R - a 32acp French pistol very close to the Model D that is the common civilian version, but built for military use, with an exposed hammer and lanyard ring.  Very few of these were made as the army went to 9mm shortly after,  and today it is much rarer than the D series..small crack in the right grip by the top screw, lovely bore and internals  Now $199 - no tax 
LONG GUNS: (and some quite short ones:)
The following few are ideal Bear guns, whether you are looking for them, or they are looking for you  :)
This 12 gauge x 2 3/4" Remington 870 Wingmaster has been nicely converted for tactical use - three shellholders, adjustable "kicklite" stock, extended magazine tube, light mount - what else could you possibly need?  $469 - trades?

12 Gauge x 3" Winchester 1300 Defender that has been tricked out with a heat shield/peep sight -   Very lightly used - $449 - trades? 

Another cool shotgun!  This a cut-down and customized 12 Gauge Remington 870.  2 3/4" so it holds more shells - nice folder with ammo carrier, rails and heat shield, extended magazine - $399 - Trades welcome  :) 

Here's a nice 12 gauge 870 that is all tricked out - collapsible stock and custom pistol grip, shell holders (2),  foregrip with laser/light mounts on both sides extended mag. tube, and 2 3/4" so it holds more  rounds than the magnums.  $450 - trades?
Winchester Model 70 in 300 WSM is Teflon-coated for protection and durability.  Fluted barrel, synthetic stock, nice trigger, barrel is lovely -  $799 - trades?
This lovely old Savage 99 in 300 Savage seems to be a 1950's rifle with the cartridge counter, Schnabel forend and Lyman peep sight.  Great bore -wonderful wood - $599 - trades? 
OK, here's my pride and joy - my Savage-based 6.5x55 custom 1000 yard rifle (works pretty darn well at shorter distances, too!) with  only 1850 rounds on it (In this caliber a rifle like this (it's always been loaded with the very cool-burning H1000 powder) will normally go over 3000 rounds before the barrel needs to be moved back or replaced)  a 27" stainless Krieger barrel, custom-fitted laminated stock, left hand oversize bolt handle (I shoot right handed but prefer to work the bolt left-handed off the bench like a lot of right-handers, keeping my grip intact), tactical rings and Swarovski 6-24 Habicht scope, wonderful trigger, Stony Point OAL gauge, Redding competition die set (over $300), lots of Lapua brass,  Sierra 142 grain Match kings, other assorted match bullets, everything but powder (H1000) and primers - and for local buyers, I have that as well... -  Now  $2100 (or $1200 for the rifle, $1100 for the scope which is as-new with original box and papers) - no Tax.  This rifle also works like a charm for left-handers, of course!
Here's one for the guy who has everything! A Swiss Vetterli in 41 Rimfire With AMMO!  9 rounds of old Peters ammo, plus a couple empties.  The ammo last sold in the US for $15 a round but is pretty unobtainable now.  Bore on this 1880's rifle is still pretty good and it certainly would be decent shooter.  Some obvious repair/modification to the wood, but that's only a challenge!  Now $350 - Trades?
This Remington Model 1100 in 12 Gauge (2 3/4") wears a Cutts Compensator so with the Gas-powered action as well is very mild to shoot.  21" barrel - apparently doesn't like light trap loads - needs field loads or higher  :)  Hmmm, I'd be ordering a stock barrel for it - under $300 from Cabelas - and go trap shooting.  These things retail over $1300 new...$449 - trades?
And... Neat stuff!!
Belgian hi-Power slide with base for tangent sight - very usable -$120
These are stainless aftermarket mags for the Walther P22 - made by "Keep Shooting" - and they do - $15 each.  Still a few left  :)
Here are a few of the real Walther P22 mags at $22  One left!
These are brand new STI stainless 9 round mags off new guns we set up for IPSC with Wilson 10 rounders  regular $45, these are $35...  Still a few left...only blued ones...
Browning Hi-power pieces galore, some new - email for pricing  Still some left  :)
Still some Norc and Spartan slides, frames and barrels... see "guns in parts" section.... one new Norc Commander frame...
Building an AR?  Here we go -   A2 grip with bolt - $15.  Colt Large diameter pin - $20.  Trigger guard - $8.  Safety - $10.    Mag release - $12.  Bolt release - $10 -
NC Ordnance "Ivory" grips for a Colt Officer's model/clones - New - $40
Tokarev parts - in this case brand new Chinese pieces. Frame with Mag. catch and trigger - $60.   Hammer/sear group complete - $40
Got a compact Tanfoglio or Witness - or one with the magwell?  These exotic wood grips are lovely (and unused) but won't fit the standard model - $30
Another set for the Compact model - $10
Want to try your hand at checkering?  How about building your own design with a wood-burning kit?  These are lovely smooth hardwood grips off new STI GI models - $25/pair
Still have a few Armco Squib Rods.  Top quality brass shaft with a swaged-on alloy cap.   - if you don't have one, you will need it sooner or later.  We know you'd never load a case without powder but your friends will  :)  $25 - specify caliber...
We have a lot of tuned STI and SVI mags for 45 2011's - $70/90 each...these are the 126mm IPSC Standard-length ones. 
 Want to to mount a light or laser on your 1911 - and a lot of similar guns?  These rails easily mount to your dust shield, with the screws on the inside, so all you do is drill two small holes and countersink them...$49... 0r $89 installed on your gun - we have a few left :) 
Another WW1 revolver that I really want for myself  :)  This is the Smith & Wesson  Hand Ejector Mark II Second Model in 455 Webley caliber.  Unaltered in any way, with a very shiny bore and as-new internals.  Shows very little shooting ...   I see Canadian crossed sword markings on it  :)   $890 - trades?  Hahaha!  Bought it for myself!
  This lovely Mosin-Nagant M44 Carbine appears unfired - certainly in lovely shape.  7.62x54, attached bayonet - $399 - trades?  Sold, Ryan  :)
FNP 45 mag - $30  Sold, Bob  Y:)
This 1954 Russian SKS is unissued/unfired, not a refurbished beater.  $229 - trades?  Gone  :)
As-new stainless Ruger SR1911 in 45.  This one has seen minimal use and looks and feels new. Box, 2 mags, all paperwork, pistol rug, tools and padlock.  $749 - Trades?  Sold, Joe  :)
This WG Webley Target model of 1889 is in 476/455 caliber and should qualify as an antique as soon as I can get the paperwork done  :) Initially purchased on October 7th, 1891...  On hold - TJ  :)
Here's a SW 39/59 slide without the sight - $40  Sold  :) 
Bond Arms Snake Slayer.  This 45 Colt/410 takes Derringers to a whole new level  :)  Barely fired, apparently the recoil is significant with the 3" Magnum 410 loads, pleasant with 45 Colt or regular 410 buckshot.  For local buyers there's a bunch of ammo too, the special Pistol 410 ammo...$699 - trades?  Sold, Paul  :)
Another Webley WG, this one the Army Model and in .455/476 caliber (still shoots 455 Webley).  This one was purchased from Holland & Holland, shows some exterior wear, but has a pristine bore and innards, great trigger action and and lovely tight lock-up  :)  I should be able to de-register this one no problem...A chip off the grip, but I have new ones  :)  On hold, Josh  :)
Complete SIG P226 9mm top end - barrel (like new), recoil spring and guide, extractor, sights, firing pin assembly - ever wanted to convert your 40 to 9mm ?  Here it's quick and easy - $300  Sold, Josh  :)
This Remington Model 660 in 350 Remington Magnum is the bear gun of choice, and has gained a cult following  :)  This one is barely fired and the newer model without the vent rib (although those are sought after) :)  Short and handy with a lot of power - $1090 - trades?  Sold, Dan  :)